Unique Wedding Day Color Combinations

Unique Wedding Day Color Combinations

When planning your big day, it’s essential to sit down and plan out your wedding colors. While we love the classic color palettes of pinks, greens, and neutrals, don’t be afraid to step outside of the box with your colors. Think about if you want your colors to really pop and grab guests’ attention or if you want your colors to blend seamlessly together within the venue. It’s your big day, and there are absolutely no rules! Go bold with contrasting hues or opt for colors in the same family for a seamless look; either way – you are bound to love it! If you are looking for unique wedding day color combinations, we’ve put together a list of our favorites.

Blue and Gold

Blue is a cool tone often used throughout weddings and decor but is often used with other cool shades, like silver. If you want to warm it up a bit and make the color palette pop, try adding gold. The glamorous metallic shades pop against the cool shade of blue and work perfectly on wedding tables. Pair with gold silverware or wine glasses to incorporate both shades in your tablescape.

Purple, Orange, and Yellow

Purple is a common color seen in weddings and is a versatile color. Purple works well with other jewel-toned colors or even on its own. Try pairing with brighter, contrasting hues like orange and yellow. The dark purple is brightened up with the brightness of the yellow and the warmth of the orange.

Maroon and Yellow

Maroon is a rich hue that is commonly seen in fall weddings or mixed with other jewel-toned colors. Pair maroon with something light and cheerful, like yellow, to offset the dark color tone. If the classic yellow shade is too bright for your vision, consider opting for a soft, pale yellow to offset the boldness of the maroon. Together, the two shades will create the perfect color balance.

Pink and Yellow

Pink and yellow are both bold, happy colors that come together to make for a cheerful color palette that is bound to brighten up your wedding day. The color pink gives your wedding a romantic yet playful vibe, while the brightness of the yellow is known for bringing in the sense of happiness to any event.

Peach and Mint

If you are looking for a relaxed and mellow color combination, consider combining peach and mint into the perfect color palette for your wedding. Peach and mint offer a softness to your color palette and are unexpected when it comes to wedding palettes and are ideal for a spring wedding. While both are pastel, mint is cool, and peach is warm, making them the perfect complementary mix.
For a glamorous take on this color palette – add in gold! Gold is a powerful statement color that is great for making a statement.

Coral and Green

If you are considering a summer wedding, this is the perfect color palette for your big day. Coral and green are classic tropical colors when paired together. Consider adding lighter and darker shades of both colors to expand the tropical color palette.

Plum and Lavender

f you love a monochrome look, consider going with different shades of purple, like plum and lavender. Like lavender or lilac, a lighter shade of purple is perfect for spring, while the dark plum shade will help add a moody feel to the palette


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