Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Dallas Barn Venue

Dallas Barn Venue

We are in the age of social media! While you may want to make your ceremony phone free, there are plenty of ways to add social media into your wedding at our Dallas barn venue. This includes ways to have people who couldn’t be at your wedding still be able to see everything.

  1. Do you want a phone free ceremony, but still want family or friends who couldn’t make it to be able to see the whole thing? Rather than them having to find people’s stories on Instagram or watch broken pieces one family’s Facebook Lives, consider streaming your wedding! All of your friends and family that couldn’t physically make it will still be able to see your wedding in real time.
  2. Use a hashtag on Instagram! One reason to use a wedding Instagram hashtag is because, of course, it is a lot of fun to make a cute hashtag. Secondly, it lets all the pictures from your wedding be in one place to look at! This makes it easier for you, your guests, and people who couldn’t make it to see pictures of the fun.
  3. Lastly, make a wedding Snapchat filter for your guests to use. It is decently inexpensive, and makes a fun little add on to people’s stories on Snapchat or Instagram. You can design it yourself, or get your creative friend to make it for you. You can even incorporate your hashtag into it!

There are so many ways to use social media to your advantage at your wedding, in the ceremony and reception, without your guests being on their phones the whole time. These are the three that we see the most, but get creative and think of more ways! We can’t wait to see how you use social media at our Dallas barn venue.