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10 Creative Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor Ceremony

Imagine you are gazing into your true love’s eyes at the wedding alter and all around you are glittering fairy lights in the night. Wouldn’t that be romantic?

Having a night-time wedding is getting increasingly popular, but many brides-to-be who are celebrating their wedding at wedding venues in DFW wonder how it can be achieved and what to do. Here are several options available today and at low-cost.

  1. Hang string lights from poles or trees
    Purchase strands of lights in white or other single color and wrap on tree branches or sturdy poles. This creates an elegant ambiance perfect for any night-time outdoor wedding.
  2. Rentable spotlights
    Want to feel like you are a movie star? Using cool colored spotlights is the way to go. Several party venues will rent them for the night at a low-cost. There are so many options to choose from and some are even animated.
  3. Real or battery-operated candles placed in lanterns
    Place candles in decorative lanterns, either directly on the table or hang from trees. This ends up looking so beautiful in photos at wedding venues in DFW!
  4. Light up the walkway with candles or garden lights
    The trip up to the isle can be illuminated gracefully with gorgeous lighting and it is so easy to accomplish. You can place the candles in long glass tubes, use solar-powered garden lights and several more options.
  5. Hang chandeliers or other light fixtures from trees
    Chandeliers aren’t just for inside! They look so beautiful hung outside from trees or even from the ceiling of an outdoor pavillion. Use battery-operated bulbs or even candles to avoid wiring.
  6. String several strands of lights on a back wall for photos
    If you have a great spot for guest photos, then why not place strings of lights for a more festive look? This is quite easy and creates a stunning atmosphere.
  7. Use floating paper lanterns for an interactive experience for your guests
    Have your guests send you well-wishes by sending up romantic paper lanterns into the sky as a final farewell to you on your wedding. 

These ideas and others make for an exciting outdoor wedding experience at your venue in DFW. You don’t have to limit your wedding experience indoors if it starts getting late with these creative outdoor lighting options. (If you have any other thoughts then leave a comment below to inspire others).