Wedding Vendor Interview: DIRT Flowers of Dallas

Here at the White Sparrow, our goal is to make your wedding “special, memorable and unique.” To make sure that this goal is achieved, we want to share as much of our best wedding advice and services as we can. That being said, here is some valuable and thoughtful insight by one of our preferred wedding florists, Sonya, who is the owner and Creative Director of DIRT Flowers in Dallas.

DIRT Flowers Dallas florist Designer's Choice Summer 2015
Courtesy of DIRT Flowers
  • Q: What is the most unique attribute about your business?
  • A: The most unique attribute of our business is our authentic and artistic approach along with our loose, natural style. We do not use made-in-china containers or props. Instead, we use authentic antique accents and hand-crafted vessels to create moods that are personal and unique to the couple. In keeping with this authenticity of which we are so proud, we also never create the same arrangement or wedding style twice. Each wedding is designed from-the-drawing-board for each couple and although we take Pinterest boards and other pictures into consideration, we never copy other florists’ designs. Our design style is also what makes us unique. No “flower balls” here!  We use very uncommon ingredients with an emphasis on texture and natural silhouette. Work that comes from DIRT is often compared to floral paintings by the Dutch masters.
  • Q: How far in advance should a client book you for a wedding?
  • A: We book out anywhere from 6 months to a year.  9 months out is about average.
  • Q: What are your busiest months?
  • A: For weddings, our busiest months are April – May for Spring weddings and September – October for fall weddings, which are a very big deal here in Texas.
  • Q: Briefly describe your favorite wedding you’ve been involved with.
  • A: Our favorite weddings are the ones where the couple wants something a little different than the norm. We love it when we are encouraged to think outside of the box and come up with new ideas. So many people want what they have seen online and we really welcome the bride and groom who trust us to be inventive with their vision. Everyone who works here is an artist in one way or another so we really enjoy handcrafting different elements. I am still particularly fond of the hand-dyed ombre backdrop we made for Nadia’s wedding. I think my hands are still pink from all of that dye!
  • Q: What is one word of advice you would give to a potential client in regards to the wedding planning process?
  • A: My best advice is to pick vendors that you trust, provide them with your initial vision, and then give them the creative freedom to do what they do best. If you pick competent vendors whom you trust artistically, you will be able to give them a little bit of direction and then sit back and relax while they blow you away. Our clients are always happier when they take this approach. The key point here is that you trust the vendor and their work.  If you give a vendor too much direction sometimes they will be so focused on checking all of your boxes that their creativity will be squelched and the end result comes out looking uninspired.