Newly Engaged? Here’s Where to Start

Engaged couples often rush to find a wedding venue in Dallas right away but if you read our previous post we talked about how important it is not to rush things and to bask in your engagement with an engagement party. But after you take time out for yourselves here’s a guide of what to do next.

Talk Budgets

After the post engagement glow has worn off some, it’s time to sit down and go over the details of the budget. Schedule any conversations you need to with your parents to talk about if and how much they are contributing. Then itemize your list and discuss what you feel is the most important areas to spend such as choosing to spend more on the catering and compromising by not having both a videographer and photographer.

Start The Guest List

Make a preliminary list so that you have a rough headcount when talking to vendors. When talking finances with your parents this is also a good opportunity to ask who they want to invite as well. That being said, it’s ultimately you and your fiancé’s decision. If you know a family member is prone to drama when they’re around certain people than maybe it’s best to not invite them.

Find a Planner Early

Many couples find a venue first and then hire a planner which is fine. However, the benefit to talking to a planner first is that they can tell you if a space will work best for your goals from experience. That’s why we have two in-house planners to help you determine if our barn has the capabilities your looking for.