Choosing Wedding Bands to Match Your Personality

One downside to having access to all this inspiration from weddings in DFW and all over the world is that it can be hard to know what style best fits you. When choosing a wedding band this can be especially difficult with all the trends out there. Check out our guide for choosing a ring that fits both your personality and lifestyle while never going out of style.

What Ring Fits Your Lifestyle?

You’ll be wearing your wedding band every day, so you’ll want to choose something that seamlessly fits in with your daily activities. If you’re someone who works a lot with your hands or super active you’ll probably want something slimmer without edges to catch on and grooves to hold dirt. This style of ring is called a comfort fit. If you’d still like to have a more decorative band, consider getting a simpler band in addition to wear when you’re going to be doing those activities. The last thing you want is to lose a stone or have a work injury because your ring got caught.

Consider the Maintenance

Colored stones and different metals have been quite popular in recent years to show individuality as an alternative to diamonds. However, just make sure you understand the maintenance involved. Some stones are softer and more prone to chipping and discoloration and some metals and finishes such as hammered Tungsten once sized can’t be resized.

Consider Buying Your Bands Together

While most brides want their engagement ring to be a surprise, though they’ve probably dropped a few hints here and there. Going in to the jeweler and choosing your rings together is a great way to get to know each others tastes. It’s important however to discuss before hand with each other if you’d like your rings to match or if you’re happy to let the person choose whatever fits their individual style.