Introducing White Sparrow Bakery

White Sparrow Bakery

Introducing the White Sparrow Bakery: Everything You Need to Know
The cake is often a big part of the wedding reception, from the ceremonial cutting of the cake to the guests enjoying a sweet treat. Cake cutting is a memorable moment during the wedding and is often photographed. It can be stressful finding the perfect cake and the perfect bakery on top of wedding planning but here at White Sparrow Bakery, we take the stress out of it for you.

Whether you are getting married at the White Sparrow Barn or you’re looking for a beautiful and delicious cake, we’ve got the perfect cake options for you! The White Sparrow bakery offers simple yet elegant cakes. Not only do they look gorgeous for every occasion, but they also taste delicious! The cake itself is light and airy, creating that perfect texture you look for when searching for the perfect cake. With delicate icing, the flavors certainly speak for themselves.

About The Owner of White Sparrow Bakery
Nadia, the owner, grew up in the heart of Mississippi and knew a thing or two about delicious food. Ever since she was a young girl, cakes were a big part of her life, and she knew that cakes were special. A family friend baked every one of her birthday cakes, allowing her to dig into the freshly baked cake each year. After years of enjoying these cakes, she knew she had to bring her cake experience to The White Sparrow Barn. That’s where White Sparrow Bakery steps in.

Signature Cakes by White Sparrow Bakery
Here at The White Sparrow Bakery, there are two signature cakes that are customer favorites. The Annie Baker Signature Cake is nostalgically simple, with white cake and vanilla buttercream icing, but don’t let this cake’s simpleness fool you. It’s been a crowd favorite for years, is classically delicious, and makes beautiful wedding photos.

Our second signature cake is our grandmother’s recipe, The Wanna Loree Signature Cake. It is certainly a crowd favorite with its mouthwatering chocolate-vanilla cake and smooth buttercream. Another flavor favorite is strawberry (which is perfect for any summer event!)

Cake Sizes
Here at the White Sparrow Bakery, we offer different size cakes for every occasion. Whether you want something small for your reception or a large cake to enjoy with friends for a birthday, we’ve got the size for you. Our cakes often range from 4” to 10” round cakes. We also offer custom two-tiered cakes, giving you plenty of options to create the perfect cake for your special occasion.

Cake Design
The White Sparrow Bakery is all about the simple design. We don’t need over-the-top fondant flowers, rhinestones, or frosting designs; we believe in letting the flavor of the cake speak for itself. We allow clients to fully customize and embellish their cakes accordingly, giving you the freedom to add what you need to have the perfect cake for your occasion.

Cake Timeline
We recommend that each cake should be ordered one month to two weeks before your event date. This timeline gives us plenty of time to create the perfect cake for your big day! Once you submit your order, someone from our team will reach out to you to finalize your order’s details, giving you peace of mind knowing that your cake is in good hands.

With years of experience and generations of recipe refinement (and, of course, love), we’ve found the perfect cake recipes that will have your guests wanting a second slice.

Ready to order your custom cake today? Reach out to order your cake for your special event.