Why Our White Wedding Barn Stands Above the Rest

best wedding venue dallas

Best Wedding Venue Dallas

As one of the best wedding venues Dallas has to offer, there is a reason why we hold this position. We want to highlight a couple of the reasons why our white wedding barn venue stands above the rest. White Sparrow Barn is well-known and loved by anyone that holds an event or wedding in our space. We go above and beyond for each of our customers and will treat you like family.

  • White Sparrow Barn is a family built venue and this family element is obvious through everything we do. Family is incredibly important to us and we love to see people come together as family.
  • We now even do custom homes because so many people loved what we have done with The White Sparrow Barn. These properties follow the same Southern charm that our Barn does. Big white walls, shiplap, and everything else that makes a Southern home a Southern home is seen in our properties.
  • We have a wedding planner included in our plans for you, as well. Our wedding planners go above and beyond in what they do, which can include even going on your bridal shoot with you to help with photos. Depending on the package you choose, they can help with everything from your budget to confirming vendors. Our wedding planners truly go above and beyond.
  • Lastly, our attention to detail and our craftsmanship is seen not only in our properties and in our package options, but how we handle your entire day and night. We truly care about how your day goes and want to help out with that as much as we can. We will not leave you on the sidelines to be confused; we’ll step into help whenever we can. Please contact us for more information about how we go above and beyond for our events.